kw909 Storytime : Goodbye Spock.


We pay tribute to  the late Leonard Nimoy in a special episode of Storytime.

Shownotes. (Music)

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kw703: F.A.C.T.S. : Belgiums Comicon covered by part 2.

We give you the second part of our coverage of F.A.C.T.S. : Belgium’s version of Comic Con. Where we talked to booth-holders and fan club in the first chapter of our coverage, this time, we will be interviewing the people who really make the magic happen t: The Cosplayers. So stand by for great self made costumes, zombies, chicks in bikini’s (with guns), trolls and female Avengers .. It’s time to talk Cosplay.


Part 1 of our F.A.C.T.S coverage.

Belgian Whovians Fanclub.

The behind the scene pictures by photog @Niejana.


  • – Camera 1 : Stefaan Lesage.
  • – Camera 2 : Kris Hendriks
  • – Photography/production : @Niejana
  • – Interviews : @knightwise.

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kw702 : F.A.C.T.S. : Belgiums Comicon covered by part 1

Its time to give you the first slice of the biggest geek-pie we bake for your every year. As by annual tradition we cover F.A.C.T.S. Belgians biggest Cosplay, Manga, Anime, Scifi and Fantasy expo. In the first half of this two part episode we talk to a couple of very interesting people on the show floor. From Belgian game companies looking for a real life red riding hood, to full scale T-Wing fighters. From handmade geek bags to Belgium biggest online comic book store .. Perk up your fake Vulcan ears for part one of our coverage of F.A.C.T.S.

Archonia : Belgiums biggest online store.
The Prospectors guild and their giant T-wing replica.
Feathers of an Angel : Geek craft galore.
‘Woolfe’ : Grin looks for a red riding hood in their upcoming game.
Tessa from Ubisoft talks assassins creed.


  • – Camera 1 : Stefaan Lesage.
  • – Camera 2 : Kris Hendriks
  • – Photography/production : @Niejana
  • – Interviews : @knightwise.

Stay tuned for PART 2 of our coverage of F.A.C.T.S coming up real soon as we give you the exclusive interviews with the people who make the magic happen. Yes .. its Cosplay time !

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Inside every geek there is a string of DNA that jumps up and down with joy once you mention the words “Anime, Manga, Scifi and Cosplay”. The proof is in the pudding as thousands of geeks travel to dragon and Comicon every year. In the little country of Belgium we have a similar movement of geeks and like minded people to the annual F.A.C.T.S. event ( The Belgian version of Comicon) and every year the crew walks in the daylight to go out and cover the event. With two cameramen, a photographer and an anchorman we try to bring you a sense of what it’s like to wander the show floor in Belgium’s biggest Nerdfest. Last Saturday we pounded the pavement and shot over 13 interviews with cosplayers, fanclubs, game developers, comic artists and toysellers. While we are hard at work editing all that footage down into a video podcast (Its gonna take some time ,we all still have dayjobs) we CAN give you a sneak peek at what to expect.’s new star photog Niejana gives you a nice ‘behind the scenes’ view of what you can expect when we release the video footage later on this week. Stand by for Trolls, Timelords, Red Riding hoods and giant Tie-Fighters with the “FACTS 2013 Behind the scenes photo shoot”.


The video footage will be released later on this week, in the meantime hit the SUBSCRIBE page and make sure to paste the link to our MEDIAFEED into your favorite podcatcher (itunes, etc ..) to automatically subscribe to our podcast and get the video podcast downloaded automatically .. Until then : Watch this space and GEEK ON.  

Links :

The set on Flickr

The FACTS convention

@niejana’s page on Facebook

Our previous coverage of the FACTS events (Video)

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Get your geek on and join us at F.A.C.T.S. : Belgians answer to ComicCon.

If one percent of your DNA is “Geek” and you live in the Benelux area, there is only one thing you can do next Saturday : Immerse yourself in your true geekdom and join us as we do our annual coverage of the F.A.C.T.S. event in Ghent. Next weekend the Expo halls in Ghent will be the “event horizon” for everybody who is into Scifi, Cosplay, Anime, Cartoons and all things geek. As by annual tradition will also be doing an extensive coverage of the event and you can join us.

We will be roaming the grounds next Saturday afternoon interviewing Cosplayers, Fans, Sellers of strange and desirable geek-toys and if we are lucky we MIGHT just catch one of the celebrities that is attending the event. Hit us up on Twitter ( @knightwise) if you are going and get a chance to shake hands with our crew in “realspace”.

2013-10-14 11_11_10-Dropbox - FACTS2013_print_flyer_HIGHRES.pdf

For more details you can visit the official F.A.C.T.S webpage to see what is going down, who is coming and how to get your hands on that inflatable life size doll of Lara Croft you have been craving for.  See you there ! 


The official F.A.C.T.S page

Our previous coverages of the F.A.C.T.S events.


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“Does anybody know where the Toilets are ?” No one asked Kirk, Ever.

An interesting question floated through the social media feeds a couple of days ago. Its nature was logical, common and very natural. It questioned the existence of a basic utility that tends to every humans needs at least once a day. It reveled in the ignorance whether or not such a facility existed on the bridge of our favorite starship.

“Where is the bathroom on the bridge of the original Enterprise : NCC 1701”

Without doubt this must have been a question that has been posed at the countless Star Trek Fanclub meetings and Comic con events. Where Princes Leias in tiny outfits asked fat guys dressed up as Picard “Where’s the bathroom ? ”   The winner of this little questionnaire was @niejana who was apt to point out that ” There weren’t any”.  But nerdy as we are we need to find the fact behind her claim.

The bridge of the original enterprise.

One of the alternative answers from the geekosphere stated that this claim was in fact FALSE. There was a second door next to the viewscreen that would lead to the toilets (or “head” as its called in naval terms)  As we look towards the bridge plans of the original bridge we see no such door. The one thing that marked the fact that health and safety ruses where not very prevalent in Starfleet is the fact that there is only ONE DOOR on the bridge. If the turbolift doors would ever be glued together with superglue (You cannot trust those Klingons) everybody would be trapped. The fact that 300 years into the future people “dis-invented” circuit breakers makes that at the slightest jolt, bridge consoles tend to explode and there is always a lot of smoke, fire and toasty fingertips to go around on deck. With only one door … I would feel claustrophobic.  But we digress since having a door next to the viewscreen would mean everybody would be looking straight at you every time you went for a tinkle. Awkward ! 


Of course we need the blueprints to be sure. Cygnus 1 is a beautiful collection for all you cyber stalkers who would like to know on what deck Yeoman Rand dries her laundry. When we take a look bridgeplan but find no “little room for ensign Uhura to powder her nose either”  We do see a “secondary exit” added to all Starships a little later on. (Klingons, Superglue… Shit happens on the Enterprise you know ! )

Perhaps its better next time ? 

This oversight can of course not go unpunished. Or at least that is what we thought. After spending months in drydock (and being handed over to Captain ‘I was a minister in Seventh Heaven and it shows ‘ Decker … the only thing that is added to the Enterprise bridge is .. a second set of turbolifts. Scotty ! What are you thinking ! ! !



Can I get a Head ? 

We have to wait more then 80 years for the concept of wearing diapers on the bridge wears out its novelty. (Its the only possible alternative)  Meanwhile 3 other Starship Enterprises have been blown to smithereens or have returned to Spacedock carrying an empty septic tank and a crew with a bladder infection. In the Enterprise D, (You know, the obese model that looks like the inside of the Bellagio) one can answer natures call. You will have to tiptoe to the back of the bridge and try not to scold Worf afterwards because he left the seat up again. Klingons will glue doors shut when they are angry (or so I heard).

So if you still feel the need to go into Starfleet, make sure you eat well, exercise, study, train hard .. But DON’T drink plenty of fluids.. Because in space no-one can hear you flush. 


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Get some great wallpapers for the upcoming Star Trek movie.

When I was pimping out my iPad’s lockscreen yesterday and posting the pictures to the internet, I got a question from one of my followers WHERE I got that specific wallpaper. The site in question has had the privilege of my frequent visitations because its such a great source for Star Trek related wallpapers. Ricky “Madmann” Walace has, without a shadow of a doubt, one of the best websites out there when it comes to wallpapers from “J.J. Abrams – reinvented” Star Trek universe. (even better then the official Star Trek Website) Ricky has great wallpapers, meshes and pictures for Star Trek lovers to gawk at. 

So adorn your wallpapers with his latest exploits as he has just posted some awesome pictures of the USS Enterprise rising from the waters of the San Francisco bay and our favorite starship in orbit. All in the spirit of the upcoming second Star Trek movie that will be hitting the theaters May 17th next year.

Should the world end on December 21st and humanity will become vaguely absent from the movies premiere .. we will always have the Madmanns awesome wallpapers. 

For those of you painfully oblivious about what we are talking about .. here is the trailer.



The Mad Shipyards

The official Star Trek movie site.

 What is your favorite wallpaper on the Madman’s Shipyard ? Share it below in our comments section.

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