kw703: F.A.C.T.S. : Belgiums Comicon covered by part 2.

We give you the second part of our coverage of F.A.C.T.S. : Belgium’s version of Comic Con. Where we talked to booth-holders and fan club in the first chapter of our coverage, this time, we will be interviewing the people who really make the magic happen t: The Cosplayers. So stand by for great self made costumes, zombies, chicks in bikini’s (with guns), trolls and female Avengers .. It’s time to talk Cosplay.


Part 1 of our F.A.C.T.S coverage.

Belgian Whovians Fanclub.

The behind the scene pictures by photog @Niejana.


  • – Camera 1 : Stefaan Lesage.
  • – Camera 2 : Kris Hendriks
  • – Photography/production : @Niejana
  • – Interviews : @knightwise.

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“Does anybody know where the Toilets are ?” No one asked Kirk, Ever.

An interesting question floated through the social media feeds a couple of days ago. Its nature was logical, common and very natural. It questioned the existence of a basic utility that tends to every humans needs at least once a day. It reveled in the ignorance whether or not such a facility existed on the bridge of our favorite starship.

“Where is the bathroom on the bridge of the original Enterprise : NCC 1701”

Without doubt this must have been a question that has been posed at the countless Star Trek Fanclub meetings and Comic con events. Where Princes Leias in tiny outfits asked fat guys dressed up as Picard “Where’s the bathroom ? ”   The winner of this little questionnaire was @niejana who was apt to point out that ” There weren’t any”.  But nerdy as we are we need to find the fact behind her claim.

The bridge of the original enterprise.

One of the alternative answers from the geekosphere stated that this claim was in fact FALSE. There was a second door next to the viewscreen that would lead to the toilets (or “head” as its called in naval terms)  As we look towards the bridge plans of the original bridge we see no such door. The one thing that marked the fact that health and safety ruses where not very prevalent in Starfleet is the fact that there is only ONE DOOR on the bridge. If the turbolift doors would ever be glued together with superglue (You cannot trust those Klingons) everybody would be trapped. The fact that 300 years into the future people “dis-invented” circuit breakers makes that at the slightest jolt, bridge consoles tend to explode and there is always a lot of smoke, fire and toasty fingertips to go around on deck. With only one door … I would feel claustrophobic.  But we digress since having a door next to the viewscreen would mean everybody would be looking straight at you every time you went for a tinkle. Awkward ! 


Of course we need the blueprints to be sure. Cygnus 1 is a beautiful collection for all you cyber stalkers who would like to know on what deck Yeoman Rand dries her laundry. When we take a look bridgeplan but find no “little room for ensign Uhura to powder her nose either”  We do see a “secondary exit” added to all Starships a little later on. (Klingons, Superglue… Shit happens on the Enterprise you know ! )

Perhaps its better next time ? 

This oversight can of course not go unpunished. Or at least that is what we thought. After spending months in drydock (and being handed over to Captain ‘I was a minister in Seventh Heaven and it shows ‘ Decker … the only thing that is added to the Enterprise bridge is .. a second set of turbolifts. Scotty ! What are you thinking ! ! !



Can I get a Head ? 

We have to wait more then 80 years for the concept of wearing diapers on the bridge wears out its novelty. (Its the only possible alternative)  Meanwhile 3 other Starship Enterprises have been blown to smithereens or have returned to Spacedock carrying an empty septic tank and a crew with a bladder infection. In the Enterprise D, (You know, the obese model that looks like the inside of the Bellagio) one can answer natures call. You will have to tiptoe to the back of the bridge and try not to scold Worf afterwards because he left the seat up again. Klingons will glue doors shut when they are angry (or so I heard).

So if you still feel the need to go into Starfleet, make sure you eat well, exercise, study, train hard .. But DON’T drink plenty of fluids.. Because in space no-one can hear you flush. 


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Star Trek Theme Day.

Tatadaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ratatata taaaaaa  !

Just a little bit of pop-cyber-culture for you today with this great mashup of the original Star Trek song and the theme music from the Simpsons. Though the guy looks like he just had brain surgery done and the patients front and rear lobes have been successfully removed, its still a great track to listen to.





And speaking of theme music.

If one thing annoyes the hell out of both me and Nyana, then it has to be the theme-song of the new series Star Trek Enterprise. I cannot believe the dumbed down the opening credits into some idiotic theme song that makes it all just a little more hey hey USA. Bless the power of the internet to let the true creative souls stand up and produce their own theme. Using title music of StarGate Atlantis (great music – bad show ) they combine it with shots from Enterprise and Stargate to make a truly great opening trailer. Maybe if Mr Berman (Producer behind Enterprise) would have listened to these guys , Enterprise might still be on the air and he would not have been fired from Paramount (although I think its a GOOD thing). For those Blissfully ignorant : Here is the Original version .







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Skype videochat for mac. The future is here.

A long time in the making. 

Its been a long time coming , or has it been a long time overdue : Its finally here. The first cross platform VIOP & Videochat application to span the bridge between Mac and Windows users. The switchers holy grail so to speak. The missing link between the two communities.
For those of us who parted the land of the Windows users and boldly buy a Mac, ( either because we did not have the pubes to rebel and buy a harley , or just to score with the chicks) we fairly quickly felt ourselves in isolation of the instant messaging world. Sure , OSX comes with mighty fine chat-tools like for example Ichat .. So that mighty fine Isight web-cam on yours could do some good .. but .. there is no one ON i-chat now is there.

Meanwhile in the Windows world.

skypeMeanwhile in the Windows world people are chatting and nudging and webcamming (and sometimes even stripping) their happy days away with the one big happy family on MSN Messenger. Ok, I was happy to finally get rid of those bouncing smilies, pink backgrounds, screaming avatars and vibrating chat windows .. but this was lonely. Sure there are some good msn clones out there , but none of them support web-camming between YOU and the rest of the world. Sure , there is Mercury ( hellishly slow , weighs a ton, eats memory like Oprah and does not work if you are behind a router) . So there I was , Shiny Isight and no one to wave at. THank heavens to Skype for putting out the great app they make and for bringing us webcam support. I had played with it before : the PC to PC webcam session between two Skype users is faster then watching tv ! If I ever thought the MSN webcam protocol was the pinnacle of streaming video compression : Skype to Skype makes it look like a snail on ice. So as soon as the beta came out I just had to get my hands on it.

Download and install.
Downloaded and installed it on my Imac and rang up my friend Blue on his Windows PC (also with a built in webcam) And both audio and video worked fantastic. Ok the speed is not that good when it comes to video but the quality is awesome. Audio is crispy and when you hit the full screen button .. The future is here.
So with my Macbook on the table , isight tucked away in the lid… Talking full screen to my buddy at the other side of the globe (while doing the dishes) all I needed was a fish in a bowl, a model of the USS Stargazer and a Galaxy class starship beneath my feet.. “ Captain to engineering” .. i shout and tap the invisible communicator on my chest .. No response .. no starship .. As I look at my Skype screen and wave to my distant friend who is tapping finger to his forehead …  At least I can say THIS part of the future .. is here.  Find your Skype for mac HERE

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