When I was pimping out my iPad’s lockscreen yesterday and posting the pictures to the internet, I got a question from one of my followers WHERE I got that specific wallpaper. The site in question has had the privilege of my frequent visitations because its such a great source for Star Trek related wallpapers. Ricky “Madmann” Walace has, without a shadow of a doubt, one of the best websites out there when it comes to wallpapers from “J.J. Abrams – reinvented” Star Trek universe. (even better then the official Star Trek Website) Ricky has great wallpapers, meshes and pictures for Star Trek lovers to gawk at. 

So adorn your wallpapers with his latest exploits as he has just posted some awesome pictures of the USS Enterprise rising from the waters of the San Francisco bay and our favorite starship in orbit. All in the spirit of the upcoming second Star Trek movie that will be hitting the theaters May 17th next year.

Should the world end on December 21st and humanity will become vaguely absent from the movies premiere .. we will always have the Madmanns awesome wallpapers. 

For those of you painfully oblivious about what we are talking about .. here is the trailer.



The Mad Shipyards

The official Star Trek movie site.

 What is your favorite wallpaper on the Madman’s Shipyard ? Share it below in our comments section.

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