Wonderfull banana.

Just to point out my thoughts on all the new years wishes : a dutch poem. Chiquita Duizend hongerbuiken in Rwanda Miljoenen Hutu-Tutsi’s gaan eraan In China loopt de allerlaatste panda En Chiquita is een prachtige banaan Vliegtuig stort in zee vlakbij Biskaje Daarbij zijn er honderd doodgegaan Een deel is opgevroten door de haaien

Hey , your source is open !

Out shopping today i hit the local bookshop/software store and went browsing around in the software section. Found a copy of Windows XP pro and was amazed at the price : allmost 400 euro's ! When i picked up the home edition I saw that that was 300 euro's. A quick calculation , adding office

White power !

Have I gone fachistic ? not to worry my friends. But I must say I have wondered of the beaten path today. It was time for a change, time for something new and unexperienced as yet. A time to make a drastic choice. It was once again time for that one moment I have once

May all of us find peace of mind.

All over the world people are starving and getting killed in some war. Peace is a distant speck of light in a dark night of blood and humanity is racing towards its own oblivion within the next 200 years. Merry Christmas everyone ? If you can sit and pat your belly tonight, actually believing that

Misfortune, fun and FAME !!!

Almost a week since my last update . DAMN DAMN DAMN , Don't have nearly enough time to type everything out. Whatever happens, this baby needs to podcast or otherwise I won't get a chance to 'put it all out there'. Lets start of with Friday. Yeey ! Weekend , I thought (and rejoiced at

Another day another Blogg.

Well , first of all : SWIFT : thank you for commenting. you've been the first fuck to finally interact with me :). I appreciate that. ** The whole 'clouseau-debacle' is turning out to become quite a complicated email thread between parties involved. apparently miscommunication lies at the base of the problem, however I think

So many idea's so little time.

That’s about the most frustrating feeling I’ve been having over the past few days. You have no idea what its like sitting at the office or in the car with all these idea's for the website and so on to work out, and just not having the time to max out behind the computer to

Ow Yeey :) Breakdown day !

ok , haven't updated in a few days , Things are going a bit pearshaped. First of all : Catastrophy day : Laptop/webcam/ipod busted all in one night Second : Lots to do ! school/buizz/teaching classes (aarg) Third : Did a lott of posts on my Ipod (the first audio bloggs where coming) then :

Random poetry

Why is it that when silence is closest to me, my thoughts drift off like snow in the wind Towards fields of placid sorrow in melancholic smiles. Safe is how I feel with its velvet cloack draped around me. And yett… Silence and sorrow go hand in hand and if the pool of tranquility resides

Social life.net ?

Do i have a social life ? Well , you can say that i do. I even have a busy one. Got online yesterday evening at about 6 PM and ended up chatting the evening away untill nine o'clock. There was some 'social chattin' going on , but also the use of MSN as a

The Strangest Party's.

Yeey ! Thanx to the holiday of november 11th we had a four day weekend (big time) that i truely enjoyed. Allthough I have hardly recovered (lack of sleep etc) it was way fun. Wen't shopping in Maastricht on thursday cause we where all out of food and all the shops in .be where closed.

The great conspiracy.

Whoow. What a week. Just noticed my last blogg update is a bit messy and quite frankly so is my life right now. Problem is I’m trying to tell to much at onceand am trying to get it all said so I can slow down and rant my thoughts out.Urrg ! No matter. Lots to

Meditations at warp nine.

So little time and yet so much has happened. Like lightning the shades of my life have turned around once more and i find mysellf awakening in a different chapter in my book of life. Changes are always strange and it is yet it are those very changes that tell one that one still lives.

Enter sweet sandman

Ok , i just rounded up my little tri-annual checkup and have some time to kill. Class doesn't start in 3 hours and its not worth the while to drive all the way down to limburg and back. So after doin some walking about in Leuven i've landed at Groept and dove right back in

I need a guI to make me happy !

Well : i'm finally getting round to some studying today and i've been digging trough the first two chapters of the book while trying out the info on my laptop and .. i can only conclude in this : Aaarg!!!!!!!!!!!!! I must say. this Linux thing is proving to be harder then i first expected.

Is there an non-E-Existence ?

Thoughts are a turmoil. I am troubled by questions that I was not prepared for. Questions that made me stand and think. Questions that made me put things in perspective. 'Who are you'. 'Where are you going' 'Where do you come from'. Questions as simple that any soul can find an answer. And yett, questions

This is not a Democracy.

Today my personal blogg takes on a very important role as i use it to officially make a "press statement" following the termination of my contract at Harte Hanks. Before rumours go around like wildfire and my name and reputation are put on the line , I would like to point out just what the

When comes the morning dawn.

As dawn slides its purple cloack over the spires of the city, i sit in silent contemplation and think about the fields of home. Wrapped in a warm blanket of the shards of my nightly dreams I feel at ease and not ready for the world ahead. The city barely sleeps and still the silence

Ice cream Sunday.

Sunday mownin! Aah , the joys of getting up a tad late followed by a splash on the couch with a cappuchino and some great epps of Spongebob Squarepants on the tube. Shower afterwards and enjoy a few moments of quit peace behind the pc. Damn, I know it sounds geeky but this is my

Shifting of the shadows.

I find mysellf in the strangest of moods lately. Somehow whenever the world quiets down around me my thoughts dwindle away and i end up staring into oblivion thinking about the strangest things. When i stepped outside the airconditioned surroundings of the office into the real world, it hit me. Autumn is coming. Slowly but