Ow Yeey :) Breakdown day !

Nov 30

ok , haven't updated in a few days , Things are going a bit pearshaped. First of all : Catastrophy day : Laptop/webcam/ipod busted all in one night Second : Lots to do ! school/buizz/teaching classes (aarg) Third : Did a lott of posts on my Ipod (the first audio bloggs where coming) then : Ipod broke , no means to transfer them onto the pc / website (mega-aarg). Ironicly the add ons I ordered for my ipod came in the same day i had to ship my ipod out :§. Leaves me frustrated. Cut off from the Podcast/blogg world and stuck with music/radio in the car (am not enjoying this). Enough bitching allready. did have a great weekend. Mett up with some cool people and am starting to realise just how much the social community around me is shifting. It will be a very different birthdayparty next year, i'm guessing. Meanwhile, new years eve is coming closer. Still no plans to celebrate with friends/family. And don't realy know if that is what I want. I'm just not looking forward to getting stuck in some dull restaurant, paying god knows what to sit around with your leggs under the table all night and be boared to bitts. I think the whole new year crap is exagarated to much anyway. Starting november i get all stressed up by the whole thing. Organising it, running around getting people to tag along , have people cancel etc etc. Hate that mucho big time !. Same with Xmass :(. Ok , i have gotten towards the point where i can stand a christmass TREE ,but the whole xmass shopping shit is giving me a major headache allreaddy. I'm not really a holiday season kinda guy. Much to stressy for my taste ! Enough Babble , Mac sent an EMPTY BOX to my house to put my Ipod in so i can return it to the factory. Instead of picking it up right away they'll swing by AGAIN tomorrow to pick it up. Duh-huh .

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