That’s about the most frustrating feeling I’ve been having over the past few days. You have no idea what its like sitting at the office or in the car with all these idea's for the website and so on to work out, and just not having the time to max out behind the computer to finally put them into action. I've been following the podcasting scene closely, Doing' some Emails with Adam Curry and popping a line to Dawn and Drew. More and more I am convinced that Podcasting is gonna be big and more importantly, that podcasting is the final step in 'the great conspiracy' I mentioned a few posts ago. It appears to be the ultimate synergy of the things I like to do the most. Journalism, Music, Presenting, Creating and all on a digital platform accessible to the world. The question if the dj will return has been answered. I have already cursed myself 5 times over for selling my mixing board and effect table last year (DAMMO !) But I’ll see how it goes and might go back to building a little studio all over. ***

Just heard about Adam Curry's broadband/smallband scenario. Apparently BT promised to get his ADSL connection up and running today, only to tell him on the last possible instance that there is 'no spare room' on the switchboards anymore to plug him in. He's on some invisible waiting list until someone gives up their broadband connection and he can have their spare socket. Damn! That must suck big time. Its funny but I know exactly how he feels. Its like the time when we just moved to Rijkhoven and I got stuck 26 meters beyond the maximum adsl range. I didn't even have smallband. I can feel the guyz pain ! Funny thing is he says exactly the same thing I always say. No broadband is like having no running water. And it really is like that. I think we could call it an illness. Bandwidth withdrawal symptom or something. So Adam my friend. My heart goes out to you , I hope the little title I thought up for you will cheer you up a bit. ( The 'Prince of Pod') ***

Had my DJ Tiësto cd on in the car this morning en woow did I enjoy myself. Nothing better then being all alone in your car , stereo cranked up and feeling the atmosphere lift your spirits like that. It has been a long time since I've inspired like this. I mean its nice to tinker with computers the way I do. But pure networking / IT stuff is never as EXITING as the things I’m working on right now. I'm finding new ways to unleash my creativity and can't wait to get the site and sounds 'out there' . As you can see, so many ideas, so little time. The other part of my double life awaits as the weekend draws closer .. The Countdown is running !

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