Hmm, just found the cutest thing on line. I used to have a blog at livejournal remember ? Well , they have this little News Feed you can check into (its also on a webpage) that has every blogg on it that was recently posted. Its a tapestry of entry’s from various bloggers and.. When you start to read trough it it’s like listening to the whispers of the cyber world. Amazing, addictive too 🙂 So many voices, so many thoughts, so many feelings. A complete freedom of the mind in the realm of cyberspace. This is truly something to marvel at sometime. And perhaps half of it is useless banter, it’s still important enough for those people to write it down. And who says your words are so important. Every one of us puts his on values in his own thoughts and into those of the others. As I stand amidst the rolling cloud of cyberspace I cannot but stop and wonder in awe at the fantastic things that happen there every day. Always on the brink of yet another revolution. Check it out A little taste: How's this for random quotes:”I felt the dagger sink into my back. I could feel the warm blood trickle down my cold back, dripping to the ground. I stood there in shock, almost wanting to know why he had done this to me. The cold seeped into my bones as he stared into my eyes. I saw no emotion on his cold face. How could he do this to me? It was I who helped him when he needed it the most, I who tended to his wounds, and I who gave him shelter when he had none. Now he had betrayed me. I looked into his blue eyes, as cold as ice, and saw nothing." by imouto_ko.

Outside the rain is pouring down. The world looks like its gonna double over on itself and crawl in a corner like a wet blanket. A lot of work awaits me when I get home although I wish a good book, a nice cd and a hot cup of cappuccino would be there instead. Just sit in my favorite Cafe for a bit, watch the people get wet outside. Wouldn't that be nice?

One of my co-workers came up to me yesterday, looked at me and said: "You're a Geek!" … YEEEY! I'm a GEEK! To those oblivious to what a GEEK is, a GEEK is kind of a technocrat who lives his life surrounded by the coolest gadgets and who finds a way of incorporating them into his everyday life. It’s easier to mug a geek using an EMP-gun then a switchblade. So what! I’m a geek and I’m proud of it. Living at technologies cutting edge and handling the gizmo’s as if they where the most normal thing in the world IS my thing. It’s like walking into a tribe of bush people with a mirror sometimes. But still. It’s cool when you're blasé about it. Yesterday Nyana hiked up to her house with her own laptop. I mean YEAY !!! When your GF pads around with her own PC cause she likes it .. It’s damn sexy! Geekdom rocks :).

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