Misfortune, fun and FAME !!!

Dec 13

Almost a week since my last update . DAMN DAMN DAMN , Don't have nearly enough time to type everything out. Whatever happens, this baby needs to podcast or otherwise I won't get a chance to 'put it all out there'. Lets start of with Friday. Yeey ! Weekend , I thought (and rejoiced at the thought that my beloved Ipod had been delivered at my parents place). Raced down to find a BRAND NEW IPOD sent back from apple. Talk about service ! Whohoow. Too bad the podcasts that I had stored on the old one are now lost forever. Well. I'll make some new ones. Dug up a microphone stand for my podcasting studio from the basement. As I was holding it against me as I had my hands full, I unfortunately bumped into the door with the extended 'mike-arm' As the pressure bumped the heavy steel foot into my chest I suddenly heard a gut wrenching SNAP. I went like … OH OW … And yes. As I reached into my breast pocket I retrieved my unprotected Cell phone (p800) and found the touch screen shattered. * DAMN ! ! ! ! !* Goodbye P800 :§. Talk about an unlucky streak 🙁 . After cursing in 14 tongues I went into problem solving mode and went for one of the toughest choices I regularly face : What new cell phone to buy. For a geek like me , that’s no easy assignment. After a lot of surfing around my eye fell on the same cell phone my buddy Kiwi kid has , a Motorola MPX200. I had sworn never to buy one again.. but faith decided differently. It took me a while to find one but finally after a LOTT of searching around, finding it priced 541 euros in one shop an 169 euros in the other shop (I’m not kidding people) I got my hands on one. So my next door neighbor Kiwi Kid is going to help me flash the phone up to windows pocket pc version 2003 and what do you know.. I'm going to be the owner of a windows-powered smart phone. (wonder when I’ll get it to blue screen). Damn , there is so much more to tell and I don't have freaking time to talk about it all :(. I REALLY need to get the podcasting site up to date so I can yapp my bloggs instead of ramming them into the board. *** What else. Shopping on Saturday afternoon . I DESPISE Xmass shopping ! ! ! ! Lounged out on the couch in the evening, I was so damn tired I fell asleep right there and then. Did some cleaning on Sunday morning , while watching "the never ending story" (corny corny movie ! , great music) and went over to see some friends in a little obscure cafe somewhere in 'scherpenheuvel' where a Flemish crooner took residence (according to Nyana it was BARRY white , but we'll settle for Johny White) In the evening we took Kariens new boyfriend out for a test drive. (gave him the full 40-questions) and marked 'approved' all over him … (way to go dude , we kill most of you guys in the first 2 minutes, however you survived.) Although it was disturbing that the poor boy had to be 'warned' about us. (also the comment was .. 'keep away from children'… DUUUUH , we are not children-unfriendly !!) .. ok maybe we are a little children unfriendly.. But we don’t lock them up or stuff like that (yet). But hey , that was the day ! *** OH YEAH THIS IS IMPORTANT !!!! Remember I told you guys I Fixed Adam Curry up with a little intro for his pod casting show (it was like kind of a joke) .. BUT CHECK OUT Today’s PODCAST by Adam Curry . and with that , I close the daily blogg. ! Tadaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa (comment you F***s)

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