Millions of ants and network problems.

Nov 17

Whoa, remember those days when everything goes wrong? Well, I had one of those yesterday night. Damn damn damn ! I not only had a ton of work to do for the company, I also had some paperwork lying around I need to check up on (I am very bad at paperwork) Well, halfway trough the work the entire network went pear shaped on me and before I knew what was happening the knights castle was off line for more then two hours straight. Cursing, fuming and on the edge of killing a hamster with my bear hands I had to reprogram my router, go look for the flaw in the scenario and get all worked up that I STILL had a ton of things to do while I was spending my scarce free time having to repair a basic but essential problem in my network. Damn! I hate it when those things go wrong. When I had only reconnected the Internet connection my server decided it was time to bail out and IT went off line. GRRR! A few words, the flick of a power button and threatening with a good kick fixed THAT too. It makes me smile when I notice that me and Nyana managed to survive without warm water for two weeks straight, but are at a complete loss when the broadband connection goes down. No warm water: relax, chill, we will manage. No Internet connection: Panic, Mayhem, and Stress etc. We must be weird people :p. Oh yes, while working I DID get a chance to see a movie I got from Emule. It’s about 30 years old and I saw it as a little kid once (barely remembering it). The only thing that stuck to mind was the title: Phase 4, about an army of super intelligent ants taking over the world. Classic B movie? Well not really, it does have a good story to it. I honestly enjoyed it, cause it was the 'German dubbed' version I found. It took my back to the days when we where used to watching German TV, with all their dubbed movies and TV shows. As the language somehow comes naturally to me I didn't even notice until I was ten minutes into the movie. Well, me and B movies… you know. We have chemistry!

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