Social ?

Nov 16

Do i have a social life ? Well , you can say that i do. I even have a busy one. Got online yesterday evening at about 6 PM and ended up chatting the evening away untill nine o'clock. There was some 'social chattin' going on , but also the use of MSN as a communicational tool. I mean , i make appointments regarding school etc over MSN, Make buisiness appointments and chat up with friends that i have not seen for a while. Coming to think of it the Internet is becoming more and more the centerpeace of not only the communication tools in my life , its becoming the pinnacle of my social interaction aswell. Had the nicest conversation with Davy last sunday as he gave me the example that a friend of him didn't think it was appropriate for people to know he mett his girlfriend over the internet (because he had an inmportant job position). Hmm Amazing how the 'internet' still has this image problem. 'only freaks and sad cases can be found on line ' people say. And perhaps those are the prominent cyber citizens of today .. but these days EVERYONE is on line. I mean , does that makes us ALL sad cases ? Is the statement : "Everybode you meet on line is a freak/geak/pervert, exept me of course ? " Strange how people still feel the need to categorize. Where DO you meet decent people then. Tell me ? In a bar ? one could say NO , cause that's where all the slutts are. In a Library ? No , cause thats where all the geeks hang out. I can go on for a while stating examples and the prejudged phrases that can be stuck to it. People are people , no matter where you meet them. I have a ton of friends I've mett on line and there all nice social (ok , sometimes a bit wierd) people. Haven't met a secret bunny-rumping pervert yett. Strange strange. People want to put evertything in cubicles so they can classify the chaos they call their reality. Ps : if you don't agree … Post a comment , share your thoughts , Do your thing.

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