Yeey ! Thanx to the holiday of november 11th we had a four day weekend (big time) that i truely enjoyed. Allthough I have hardly recovered (lack of sleep etc) it was way fun. Wen't shopping in Maastricht on thursday cause we where all out of food and all the shops in .be where closed. Loved it ! brought home some cool exotic things like peanut butter etc that you can only buy in the dutch shops. So i'm stacked up for the week with nice cool food-ies :). Did a wee bit of wa walk in Maastricht a bit later on and went looking for some of my I-pod accesories (unfindable) but gave up not to much later. After we got home in the afternoon we started cleaning up (i seriously took some junk out that was still stored in our basement) and lounged out before the TV. Hiked up to Aachen on friday to go looking for our new digital camera (the old one is for sale , just so you know) and did a good bargain. So the next pix will be by our Nikon Coolpix 4200 , can't wait to try her out 🙂 . After we got home i had some work to do for the company and Nyana bunked in the sofa in my office. With the TV on and both working on our laptops we had a real cozy time and i got some work done. When we thought we where gonna turn in early we got an invitation from some friends to go for a late night drink. So 2 hours later we where standing in a Cafe in Hasselt with karaoke night in full swing ( i thought about singing some sinatra tunes , but the crowd was so young in decided agianst it) The evening went from strange to weird when i found mysellf sitting in a bar together with our 'amigo's accompanied by a philipino woman (that had to much to drink) , a finalist from the IDOL 2003 contest , the folks we mett up with and of course the illustrious miss bamby ( a well known transvestite ) As conversations moved from topic to topic i smiled and imagined i was having the most unexpected evening in a long time. Needless to say we had a good time and crashed in our bedds at 4 30 Am. Had to get up at eight again to do some more work and see some clients while Nyana took care of the cleaning (bless her). In the evening we wen't of to dinner with friends and had a way good time. Had my birthday party on sunday (thanx everyone for attending) and was strangely surprised by the turnout. People who I thought would come and who I expected would not where not exactly as i had expected it. A strange but pleasant surprise. (allthought it made me realise the focus of my social life appears to be shifting). As allways mixing friends and family together in one room is allways fun and we had a big laugh. Thanx to Nyana for making the afternoon go perfectly as she made magic in the kitchen and did all the work.

The roundup ? Well: These are the strangest partys. There are still some 'steady values' in my social life. People i see, things we do.. and yett , these last weeks it is all shifting in what turns out to be a wonderfully unpredictible landscape of people and places. I sometimes stop , look around and think by mysellf : I did not think i was gonna do THIS last friday ! But i like the unexpected. Somehow there is more 'p-Zazz" in my life right now. Things that have allways been, the way social relationships are built up and stuff are shifting and changing and it brings along this strange sometimes surreal enviroment. When you try to tell someone where you've been and what you've done the last weekend you get these blank stares like ' How the HELL did you get THERE ' and THATS the stuff that makes me smile.

The one line that went trough my head a thousand times these last days is ' IDIC ' Idic is a vulcan term (star trek sci fi ) that stands for Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations. Meaning that everyone is different , has different lifestyles and that this diversity is something we must accept and even celebrate because it it the one richness in our universe.

We've seen things that would make people wonder , frown , or even shock them.. and then again one can think : Everybody is different and 'normal' is a proprietary term exclusive to only yoursellf. Everybody is different , but in the end we are all 'people' and it is in this diversity we can find the true wonder of life. Pretty deep huh. But still 🙂 I would prefer diversity over blandness and predictability everyday. And i seem to get my wish.

At thirty i'm looking at the world with a sence of wonder, with an intense feeling of joy and happyness because I have truely found Love with Nyana. And when other people are beginning to settle down… We are only just beginning to explore. Kidds ? Staying home watching TV ? "settling down" … I laugh when i hear it ( So does Nyana) The thing we both feel right now is .. The base is solid, the bounds are tight , the camp is good. We are only BEGINNING to explore the world. As people become more narrow minded as they age , clinging to their convictions.. I am only beginning to broaden them..

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