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Nov 18

The end of the week is slowly drawing closer and a little smile creeps up the corner of my mouth. Somehow I feel all giddy inside just thinking of the fun stuff that once again awaits me. Well, fun stuff might be a big word. I immensely enjoy the simple things, just being around Nyana, spending time together is pure Bliss but when I look at the unexpected ways events have turned out over the last weekend, I cannot help but wonder if its gonna be just as spectacular this time around. The weekend appears to be a completely different part of my life sometimes. During the week Nyana and me work hard and put a lot of effort and energy into our job and the company. But in the weekend its. *Poof*. When I look at the way we live these days I think we can call ourselves very lucky. I mean, most couples our age sit at home with the kids all weekend (and occasionally go to the movies, or to family or something'), don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with that. But it would not be 'our thing'. As I wrote a few posts ago: The fun is only just beginning in our life. With no one to look out for but each other and our cat. To each his own truth but I think, for now we can find true happiness in this lifestyle. It’s amazing but sometimes it feels like me and Nyana have only been together for a few weeks. Here is this great girl I get to go out with and have fun with. Little old me gets a night on the town with someone who is not only the love of my life but also my big fun-buddy. 5000 inside jokes, quick repartee’s and spicy comments fly trough the air and not only do I feel completely at ease with her, I also have a blast with her whenever we go out. I should count my lucky stars (and I do) for the good life I lead. Onto the weekend, filled with exiting stories and adventures it is!!!!

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