Well, she's up ! The new site i mean. I am pretty pleased with the layout and the result. ( Good work D'Shek) However I do wish I had a bit more time to add some more content. But that will follow soon. Its an incredibly busy week ! Haven't had a free night at home all week long. So updates and podcasts I had in mind ? No show just yett. But still , I hope I get around to it. News today ? Well it seams LIVEJOURNAL has been sold to another owner. I used to host my blog there (Swifts blog is posted at livejournal) and it was kinda a recurring problem that the whole thang went down about 6 times a day , I do hope it gets better. I still hit the page from time to time : Especially THIS page where you can see everybody's latest post chronologically 🙂 Its great reading.For those of you who want to check their email everywhere, but don't want to use webmail : THIS is cool , The Thunderbird portable mail client. Runs from anywhere , just install the beasty on your USB stick and you have your POP mail around everywhere. For those of you using FIREFOX , you can even speed up the beasty some more with THIS As always the guys from hackaday.com came up with the tweak. Although it would not try THIS with my ibook !Speaking of my Ibook 🙁 Still no news from Apple 🙁 I do hope they can ship the baby out by tomorrow , so i can race up to Aachen to go-and-get-it. My old Toshiba Laptop is sold and its time to pass on my Acer to Nyana. I'm realy curious as to how I’m gonna handle the adjustment. Since Nyana is hot on the (lap)'top'every evening I won't have the option of dragging along 2 laptops when I’m on the road (one Win one OSX) So I’m gonna have to make due with the choice I’ve made. Nyana is also going through a MAC Craze, after she saw the 17" E-mac in the store , she went like , 'mmmmmmm'. So
I just put my bid on a second hand Emac that’s for sale on Ebay. (perhaps the dude will swap it for one of my old pc's) And when you look at it , its indeed a way cool thang 🙂 But i'll let you know how the whole thing turns out in the chronicles of : Newbie in Pantherland. New years resolutions. Well , in Africa people have made the resolution to eat more. In Iraq to fight less, In middle Asia to LIVE more and Drown less and here we have petty things like stop smoking and stuff like that. So I’m gonna refrain from new years resolutions that handle petty things (stop smoking, drink less, exercise more) cause i think we have all our harts desire down here. Its not right claiming to give up peaces of your elaborate wealth while in other countries people are starving. Is that cynical ? perhaps. But in these matters I don't handle stuff lightly. All this Tsunami news makes me even more sad when you hear the 'aftermath' stories. Stray dogs who are feeding on the corpses are running wild and attacking people. And even worse Pedophile tourists roam the ravaged towns in search of orphan children to abuse. It makes me sick ! And on the other hand, the disaster that happened has made me see a side of humanity that I have not seen often, the power to stand together. The whole world appears to unite these days and rush to the aid of the victims. Everybody's making a donation, every country is rushing to the aid. In Belgium you can even send a text message to 3108 , and you donate one euro by doing so (telecom operators are offering this service FREE) We'll also do our peace, visit the Belgian 1212 website http://www.1212.be/


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