Meditations at warp nine.

Nov 04

So little time and yet so much has happened. Like lightning the shades of my life have turned around once more and i find mysellf awakening in a different chapter in my book of life. Changes are always strange and it is yet it are those very changes that tell one that one still lives. But as i look at the path that my career will take me now, Changes will be part of everyday life, and adapting to these changing situation will become a skill that i must make my own.

Changing the lanes of my career.

As for the roundup. Well , after the interview with the consulting company in Leuven (see previous post) i had to wait a few days before the phone rang. As i was getting worried about finding a new job (needlessly) the phone rang and my new "boss to be" called me up if i was interested in starting.. THE NEXT DAY. So it became a bit of a race to get everyting organised and ready for yet another turnover. All the promises i made mysellf (when i'm out of a job i'm gonna study, relax a little bit, enjoy the silence etc) where out the window (once again) and i came to the shuddering conclusion that i just cant sit still. No matter. 3 days later i was of to a big company in Turnhout for a conculting assignment (field engeneer) and had a great time. Where only a few weeks earlyer i was getting chewed out by the old boss-man and thought where the hell this was going, now i found mysellf suited up in a company car racing towards unknown horizons. And at those very moments, amids the amber rays of the setting sun, with music on the background and the silent purr of the car as it takes me to yet another adventure… Victory does taste sweet. Those who know what happened after i left my old company know what i mean. Those who don't.. It does not matter. As it is with wine : the best information and events , the greatest gossip where to be found in the bottom of the glass and I only know appreciate its delicate taste. For I have not had a hand in these events but only saw the inevitable take place. Cosmic justice ? perhaps… I miss the ones that where dear to me back there. But I am the Hedon and as the autumn calls i must spread my wings and fly on.


Celebrate the love.
Meanwhile i have come to my favourite part of the year. The autumn is now in full bloom. Fog slides over the ground and the leaves set the dying trees alight with shades of red and gold. The graves lie littered with flowers and the crows rasp their song. Today me and Nyana are celebrating that we've been together for eight years. Incredible as it may seem we are still growing stronger and closer together each day. Somebody once asked me why Saskia was the woman of my life. Well ,probably because she's the only girl that is not impressed with the 'roles i play' but with the boy thats trapped behind the mask. She is probably the one single person in the world that truely knows me and she is the one girl in the world i truely love.

The age of sound.
With my new job i find mysellf in the car for allmost three hours a day. With all kinds of music on the background i realise i have a great amount of time just to think things through. These "meditations at warp nine" as i call them are a concept quite new to me. I have time to wonder about the things that go on in my life and must somehow find a way to keep mysellf 'occupied' during these long drives. This brings me to the age of sound. More and more music takes up an important role in my life once again. Not only did Saskia buy me the coolest DJ mixing panel for my birthday (thank you my love), but I also have a lot more time to listen. While i normaly spend my free time behind a computerscreen or in a good book (the age of light) i now find that i must focus my leasures on SOUNDS. Audiobooks, music , talkshows on the radio, you name it .. At work I 'fly a desk' so have about 8 hours a day to listen to music while i'm working. A whole new world of music, on and off line radiostations and so on are opening up to me. This weekend i'll be diggin up my Ipod to get more tunes on the little white baby

And hereby i close the second decennium of my life. I've been in my twenties till now but from tomorrow i am no more.

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