Have I gone fachistic ? not to worry my friends. But I must say I have wondered of the beaten path today. It was time for a change, time for something new and unexperienced as yet. A time to make a drastic choice. It was once again time for that one moment I have once every few years : What laptop am I gonna get for next year ?. As you know , every two years I switch laptops. I sell my old one and get me a fresh one. And since I have had this little Acer travelmate 660 for over a year and a half , it was time to shop around. Before disclosing the new candidate let me just point out how happy I have been with my good old Acer. Its been a great laptop, with a 15 " screen it was a bit on the large size but nice and flat. The screen resolution however was 1400 by 1024 and THAT my dear friends is a luxury you will not have on any laptop. Its great to fitt a lot on your screen. Its fantastic when you want do do website design and so forth. Surfing is a charm with a whopper resolution like that . So to anyone who wants to get a PC/laptop : GO ACER !. And yess ! I have spilled the beans : my next laptop is going to be 'different'. Looking for a smaller laptop with a more limited budget to spend , Its hard to find things that meet your needs. The new top had to be small, compaqt, multimedia capable, light and … a challenge. Now what better challenge is there then to .. BUY AN IBOOK. Yess my friends you have heared it right. In the light of eclectism it is important to widen ones view of the computer industry. So inspired by how pleased I am with my Ipod, driven by the enthousiam of fellow Podcasters and blown away by the sheer beauty of the baby ( I am gonna get LOOKS with this one) I chose to go for a 12" Ipod. Small in size, light in weight and versitile in possibilities. Ok , it cannot be compared to my ACER when it comes to desktop publishing (screensize) but its something I can drag around anywhere (the Ibook is about the size of an A4) Powered by OSX (linux on the inside , mac style on the outside) it should present the most stable and versitile OS yett. When a pc is used to mess around with , you use a Mac to do your work. I know , that is hyped up mac-fanatic talk. But hey check out this example. I've spent months browsing the internet for the right MP3 player, read tons of reviews, browsed 100's of websites , compared , checked prices, filtered out unworthy candidates etc… It took me a long time to find the correct mP3 player. Had a creative, had a muvo, had a Rio , they where all lacking in some way. And then I bought an Ipod. And all discussions where closed. End of story. When I opened the box and stared using it , its like i heard : You have chosen the ultimate product , further discussion does not apply. And its true. Once you buy an Ipod you don"t NEED to discuss it anymore. You have the ideal product. Period. And being so pleased with my pod-buddy, I took the next step and put my money where my mouth is and bought an Ipod. Its not so expensive HERE is the price and configuration i payed for my Ibook. As you can see 512 megs of ram and everything. HERE is the pc price-equivalent. Now let us not compare processor speeds and all that. The one thing I AM pointing out is that for the same amount of money , the IBOOK is head and shoulders above its PC cousin in terms of quality. I will take 2 weeks for the Ibook to get here ( I bought it in Germany to catch the VAT on the rebound ) and i'm very curious how it will turn out.

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