kw506 : Sliders academy part 2 : Linux Everywhere.

Mar 13

We take up part 2 of our Sliders Academy series and take the Linux system we installed in lesson one a step further. Follow the tutorial and learn how to connect to your Linux machine from any operating system and with multiple users. Build your own terminal server or “slide” from Windows to OSX while taking your personal Linux desktop with you anywere. Using the NX Server and the NX client we slide another powerful tool into your Sliders toolbag.


 Part one of the series : Installing the Ubuntu system.

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  1. willemw12

    Compared to FreeNX, I’ve had more success with X2Go, which uses the same NX libraries. Resume session works better for me with X2Go.

    • knightwise

      Thats a great tip. Do you have an install tutorial ?

  2. willemw12

    X2Go even allows you to resume from an X2Go client on another machine. X2Go can buffer for quite a long time when you try to play a video.

    Install instructions for Ubuntu: More info at

    Client settings:
    – Session:
    – (Custom desktop startup command, for example startxfce4)
    – Connection:
    – Compression: for better performance, select a large png-jpg buffer size and a sufficiently high network speed, for example: 16m-png-jpg, WAN
    – Settings:
    – I don’t use fullscreen mode (and use Linux program “devilspie” to immitate seamless mode)
    – Enable DPI


  1. Linux als ‘Terminalserver’ | McVries blogt OpenSource - [...] de categorie ‘tips’, kijk eens naar deze tutorial van KnighWise. Hij legt hier in uit hoe je op Ubuntu …

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