I know ! It’s like Windows 8 week here at Knightwise.com, but you know when I go and investigate something new for you guys and girls.. I dive deep.  A couple of weeks ago I had the chance to get a hold of a Nokia Lumia 920. Its a pretty impressive phone. Well built, fast, and also substantially heavy. The kicker came when it was lying down on the table (screen off) and I noticed a similarity between this black 920 and a line from 2001 a Space Odyssey. Pointing at the device with all of my nerd-enthusiasm I proclaimed ” Oh my god .. its full of stars” .. The dumbfounded look I got from the owner confirmed that this man had no idea I was referring to the great line in Stanley Kubrick’s 2001.  Oh Well.

I did however leave the table with a sense of envy to the nice tiled metro interface on his phone. Clutching my Android enabled Aladdin lamp (I have an LG Nexus 4) I knew that the Android Marketplace would be able to make my wish come true. Rub the lamp and …

Tadaa : Launcher 8. The Metro interface for your Android device. If you think this would be a cosmetic overlay lagging down your phone in favor of showing off to your friends .. you are wrong. Its a cute little app that does play the part of “launcher” quite well. You get a tweakable tile interface (with ‘live tiles’) and a “vertical launcher” for all of your applications. The app is free and lets you play around with something highly resembling Metro on your Android phone. Give it a spin and confuse your friends.

Link : Launcher 8


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