kw405 : Nas4free as your cross-platform network filehub.

Dec 04

We get technical this week with a great open source and free network attached filestorage solution called NAS4FREE. After running down the list of things it can do we show you how to tweak into the core of your cross-platform filesharing world, enabling you to use it as a central filehub for all of your devices and from all of your locations. We top it off with some information on how to virtualise the whole solution and give you a spot of music from Planet Boelex’s new track ‘Refurbished’ all of that and more on Kw405.


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  1. Nas4FREE is a fork of the old FreeNAS 0.7x branch and based on FreeBSD (9.x I believe)

  2. NAS4Free is NOT a fork!

    To bad most people doesn’t read the webpage and documents.

    • knightwise

      Hey ! Thanx for getting back to us and calling us out on that error. We appreciate the feedback and all the help to set the record straight ? Are you involved with the nas4free project ? If so : What did you think of our review (except for the frackup about Nas4free NOT being a fork). We would love to hear back from you guys.

  3. matt

    if your using mac os10.7 or higher i would love to know your settings.

    • knightwise

      You mean the settings for Virtualbox ? Or the settings I use to connect to the VM from OSX.
      In virtualbox its pretty much a standard virtual machine. I give it about 2 gig for the system drive and 900 gigs for the data drive. I assign it ONE core and about 512 megabytes of memory.


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