Movie week : Movies every geek should see (3 of 5) : Breaking the Code.

It is sometimes frustrating to see that history tends to forget those who have played the most important rolls. This is very much the case with the British mathematician Alan Turing who, during the second world war, not only was responsible for breaking the German Enigma code, but also for laying the foundations of the modern day computers we use. Turing has never really gotten the credit he deserved back in the 1950’s because of his homosexuality. He died in 1954 and has only recently been “rediscovered” by Hollywood in the upcoming movie “CODEBREAKER” featuring Benedict Cumberbatch.  But this is not the first movie to be made about Turings remarkable life and his utter brilliance. In “Breaking the code” (IMDB 1996) Derek Jacobi portrays Turing in his struggles during the second world war against the Nazi Code .. but also against a narrow minded society that cannot except his true nature.

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kw402 : Talking Ubuntu 12.10 with Popey

We take a good look at the hubbub around Ubuntu 12.10 with Mister Alan Pope. Canonical employee deluxe and host on the UUPC podcast. We try to find out whats awesome about Ubuntu, Who is Who in the world of benevolent dictators, New features in the upcoming Ubuntu release and the difference between Youzeewoozees and Tweakyweekees  


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