Step by Step guide to hacking Wifi (and protecting your own network)

May 31

There used to be a time when we went wardriving. We hopped into the car and drove around looking for open Wifi networks. 2 things have changed since then : Networks are so abundant now that you don’t HAVE to drive around anymore. 2 : Even redneck geeks have learned that they need to lock down their wifi network so cousin earl won’t be leeching his porn collection of their bandwidth. The whole “He might have married our mom but he won’t get our pipe” and all that.

But how hard IS it to hack a wireless network anyway ? Turns out , not THAT hard. We all know that WEP encryption is worthless and even WPA can be broken. But just how much skill do you need ? Well : It turns out we can ALL have a “crack” at it with the BackTrack live cd. This great tutorial shows you not only how to protect your own network from intruders , it also teaches you a little white hat wifi hacking skills you thought you would never learn. ” Welcome to the matrix Neo .. Here is your Wifi – Hacking Manual


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  1. Sharky

    This tutorial says you should hide your SSID. But apparently by doing that you make it even a little less safe:

    And by all means use the latest 802.11n with a WPA2 AES password and if possible use a 5Ghz frequency.

    Even then a guy a new gaming laptop can use the videocard to speed up the cracking.

    And my final tip is: if you can use a cable please do. You’ll be a lot safer and faster. Unless you got some highly educated well equipped maniac doing Van Eck phreaking (but that is extremely unlikely)

    I personally hate WIFI networks, they are still too unstable, vulnerable and laggy.
    A big fat CAT6 cable is still the best.

  2. Josh

    Your tips are awesome please tell me more about hacking secured wi-fi.
    please teach me more about hacking and please tell me what Ghz, ssid, Wpa and Wep mean????

    • knightwise

      Hey Josh,

      You might want to try the distribution called orphcrack. There are plenty of step by step tutorials on the net about hacking wifi. I would advise you to try out WEP cracking first. With the Orphcrack Live CD you can run it on any computer to give it a try.

  3. Shawn

    Is there a way to hack wifi using only cmd? And are there other effective ways to hack wifi?


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