Getting things done with Wunderlist.

If procrastination was considered an artform, I think us ADD geeks would be considered the very masters. Only we would not have started our artform yett, we would do so tomorrow. First we need to see this video abou this cat on Youtube. As a remedy to this “affliction” we are blessed with, information overloaded

KC254 : "Setting up Amahi".

This week we do a deep-geek-dive into setting up Amahi , A powerful server for the home with the ease of use of a smartphone. Web based interfaces, Point-and-click addition of applications, tons of Geeky functionality : Its all there in Amahi. With a spot of music from Planet Boelex and a recording made ‘on

Kc251 "Talking Boxee".

We take an in depth look at “Boxee”, the cross platform media front end software that turns your computer into the next generation of TV-Entertainment.¬† We talk you through the installation process, the configuration, the different screens an implementations of Boxee. Use it as your mediabox, your media player, your social entertainment aggregator or more.