Maintenance Episode : Re-Up of KWTV 0025

Apr 13

As reported earlier this week, some people had trouble downloading the latest episode of KWTV from our servers over at Bluehost. Since Bluehost is capping our available bandwith we are looking for alternative hosting locations that don’t cost us an arm and a leg. So today we are re-upping KWTV 0025 to a different server AND dropping the episode BACK into the Podcast feed to check if everybody is able to download the episode and is able to download the episode at a decent speed.  Sorry for people who are tight on data to “double download” the episode to you. But we did have some people who had a hard time getting it. If you can do one thing : Please report your download speed of the RE-upped episode into the comments field if you have any trouble. That way we can find out an even better solution should we have the need to


The hosting solution we are trying out right now is “the internet archive A totally groovy place that ASKS you to archive your entire content for ever and ever. For as far as we know the service is free AND offers us more bandwith then we have over at Bluehost (at least thats what we are hoping for). I took the time to browse through the internet archive and .. well lets just say .. its the biggest library where you never want to leave ! Podcast, screencasts, websites, archived versions of websites (the Way back machine), Live speeches, books, performances  and so on .. There is soooo much in there .. incredible. 

So bear with us as we tinker with some files in order to get you the very best server – service you deserve and continue pumping out content from the edge of real and Cyberspace ! 

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