So, If you ever wanted to see a KWTV Live show recording “in the flesh” and you are from the Benelux area ? Why not come down to the MACBEURS in Genk (Limburg-Flanders-Belgium) on Sunday the 20th of November. The event is held inside the renovated colemine site of Genk called C-mine. So if not for the podcast OR the Mac stuff ,come down for the sights.. and bring a camera.

Topic off the day will be : Android vs IOS where we will be interviewing 2 experts about the mobile phone ecospheres, the hardware and of course why THEY thing THEIR OS is the best. We will also be taking questions from the audience and having a good time !

You can join us there or follow the event ONLINE. (we will also be airing the feed from the chatroom at the event). If you are coming down , make sure to sign up on FACEBOOK.



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