Kc307 : "A Sliders workstation"

We take a deep technical dive into the “sliders workstation” and how you can “do your computer thing” independant of hardware, operating systems and software and slide from OS to OS. We talk about hardware, browser platform, desktop productivity, communications, entertainment and storage and how to do it between all of your different devices. This is the “sliders 101” of cross platform computing.


  • Intro
  • Hardware
  • Operating System
  • Browser platform
    • Applification Software to “applify” Webapps
    • Extentions
    • Office and Wordprocessing
    • Todo :
    • Multimedia
    • Content Consumption
    • Content Creation
    • Communication
      • Desktop
      • Hootsuite (Web based) Twitter-Facebook-Linkedin-GooglePlus
      • Desktop integration
      • Ubuntu : Web content integration
      • Pidgin or Adium
      • IMO
      • Skype
    • Storage
      • Google Drive
      • Dropbox
      • Portable Storage
      • Shared Partitions
      • Central File storage (Samba – NasDrive – SSH mounts)
    • Offline Life ?
      • Gmail Offline Chrome extention
      • Googledrive + Dropbox for offline sync
    • Signoff
  • New Google Voice number for US listeners : (218) 262-9237

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