How about rolling your own Cyanogen mod distro for your Android phone.

May 23

I once talked to a wiseguy ( fan who shall remain nameless, we will never tell ANYONE he is called Konrad) who told me he had one thrown his Android smartphone at a door. He actually threw it IN the door. Making not a dent, but a HOLE in the door. Because I love doors ( I really do ) I thought it would be a good idea to share the following tool with you. Because lets face it. If you don’t like the obese clusted of bloatware your phone brand or provider smeared on top of Android, you can always root it and install Cyanogenmod.

But what if there is no Cyanogenmod for your phone ? Or what if you have a big 2.3 fetish and the doctor said Ice Cream Sandwich is no good for you ? Why not “Roll your own” Cyanogenmod. You can do so with this cool little Linux tool that lets you “cook your own phone DNA” on your favorite version of Linux.  Read up on the entire howto and the right pointers to the right places .. here 

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