KW1201 – Less Is More

Less. It’s often been said that less is more. For those of us who lean towards a more technology-inspired lifestyle it can often be challenging not to try out the next new thing. One more app, one more device, one more Linux distro. But maybe, just maybe, sometimes we’re better off seeing what we can accomplish with what we have, and maybe churning out a bit more stuff with a bit less gear.


Episode produced by Keith Murray
Home screen picture courtesy of MaxPixel

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One Reply to “KW1201 – Less Is More”

  1. Great to see you back! I’ve also been downsizing what in my travel bag, but a different approach. I’m an employee, and my company sells me out to our clients. This year my client has had security requirements that mean I can only work on their systems at their secure facilities, so no remote access to anything. That has been a major change in work style for me. However for my own personal use, I’ve reduced my carry on to my iPhone and a 2011 MacBook Air 13”. I’ve done this by leaving my infrastructure at home.
    At home I have a Mac mini on OSX, a linux desktop my wife uses, a NAS with a couple of TB of data, and a laptop I dedicated to running VMware ESXi6. Shared storage comes off the NAS. On the ESXi host, I run a Linux file/print server, an Open VPN server, and a XEAMS mailserver. All set up using tiny vm appliances. If I need to take data with me, it goes encrypted on my air, if I need it off my storage, I open my VPN. If I need more power than my Air can deliver, I use teamviewer to get back to my Mac desktop.
    So my travel bag is my Mac, Mac MagSafe power brick, a small 3port USB hub, display port to hdmi, and display port to vga cables and a 256gb encrypted flash drive.

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