Do video games make you violent.

Jun 06

Do video games make you violent ?

Problably a little disturbing video, but I could not let it slide. Do videogames make you violent ? Not per se, at least not in the way you think they would.( Shooting your classmates after playing to much Grand theft auto and that). No i'm talking about the kind of frustratons games give you by the sheer complexity of the game. Going bonkers in Packman, warping out after getting eaten by a crock in pitfall .. Or being on the verge of killing your computer after it freezes up in level 52 of world of warcraft. That kind of frustration. Above is a classic example of the latter .. And I must say .. since the kid is German it only makes it better. Don't get me wrong , I love my German neighbours and I think it is the IDEAL language .. to swear in ! .. enjoy.



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