Access all of your cloud services from one page with CloudKafé.

Jan 20

Every day there is a new cloud service popping up on the internet. And for us sliders, thats a good thing. One of the ways to assure your data is accessible on most of your devices (and operating systems) is by generally ‘parking’ it in the cloud. The downside to this operation is that you end up with 20 open tabs on your browser, each logged into so some service and you realise you just spent more time logging in … then doing stuff.


One of the answers to this might be CloudKafe, A centralised “webhub” from where you can access all of your different cloud services. CloudKafe supports the majority of popular cloud services (and some more) by letting you access them from one single page. A cool feature they offer is the ability to search through your different cloud services all at once (so you can finally find that one annoying baby foto from your brother you uploaded a long time ago). The centralised “hub” is a great way to work with the cloud, but although CloudKafé is ‘certified and secure’ you have to remember that there is now ONE master key to log into all of your cloud services : Your CloudKafé account.

So give it a whirl (its free) and if you don’t like it : Delete your account and delete the access rights CloudKafé has on all of those different services. That way you know you are safe when you ever leave CloudKafé.

Cloudcafe is free and available in most browsers via

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