kw902 : What’s wrong with Windows ?

Oct 17

Its time for episode 2 in Season 9 of the podcast. Today we take a long overdue look at Windows (Both Windows 8 and Windows Phone /RT) Triggered by a recent purchase of a Dell Venue 8 pro tablet we take a look at what Windows still has to offer. What are the cool apps in the store, what are the killer apps you need on your desktop and which tools give you the best “Cross platform slider – friendly” experience.

You can download the show or watch the live recording (Which is full of glorious bloopers and distractions from the Live chatroom).



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  1. Gert

    I used 98 and XP a lot. Every version required a ton of maintenance. defragmentation (even in W7!!!), virusses, malware, bugs, crashes, freezes, shitty resource managment. Every Windows computer slows down over the years even with normal use. Mac is the only system i’ve used where a OS change actually made everything faster.

    Now i use Mac and in the future it’ll probably be Linux.
    I was always under the impression that the main problem with Windows software was that is is built on a ancient buggy kernel.

    The future of OS is scalability, stability and security. I think if MS start building using a Linux or Unix kernel they’ll have more time to focus on those aspects and features. I’ not a software engineer but that’s my two cents.

    Windows is dinosaur and it’s time has passed long ago.

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