kw404 : Enterprise virtualisation with Proxmox.

Nov 14

Time to deep dive into some geeky solution for running all your favorite operating systems at the same time. We talk to Lord Drachenblut about using Proxmox to build a dedicate server for your Virtual machine needs, and do it all for free. If you ever dreamt of running all of your operating systems at the same time on a dedicated server and building your very own enterprise style datacenter .. tune in now.


Lord Drachenblut’s list of Vm’s.
Proxmox :
Etherpad – openvz container from turnkeylinux pulled through the proxmox interface
mineos –
irssi – centos vm with irssi, ssh, and sshfs installed
murmur – debian vm with murmur server installed
big blue button 
opennms – centos install with opennms package repo added
Windows Server 2008 R2 – available from microsoft
sogo – centos install with the sogo repo added
FreeBSD 9 – freebsd 9 install, install images available from
postrgresDB – centos install adding postgresDB from repo
Zentyal – linux small business server distro available at

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  1. I just about had a heart attack when I saw this show posted. I just finished setting up KVM on my existing Ubuntu server about a week before the show aired. It looks like a great option for the next time I rebuild my server infrastructure.

    For now I’ve been able to bend KVM/QEMU to my will and run my modest pool of VMs.

    Great show. Looking forward to more now that I’m all caught up. 🙂


  1. Turn your home into a virtual datacenter with Virtualbox. | - [...] Virtualbox. Our FAVORITE free (as in ‘Gratis’) cross platform virtualisation software. As we mentioned in the previous podcast episode…

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