I'll be looking at the stars ….

What others see as a chore , I see as rest and relaxation. It can come in many forms, mostly things like , paint the garden wall.. or remove concrete from the deck behind the house. If its a task that requires physical labor but no "intellectual concentration" it might as well be jacuzzi-dipping for me. I love it ! It makes me realize just how much I have to concentrate when i'm behind computers, at my job or at home. The simple fact of being able to do something without having to focus my brain is quite liberating.

So yesterday afternoon (the first dry afternoon in a MONTH) I took out my working gloves, my hammer and my flat iron bar ( whats the English .. Chissle ?) and removed some concrete behind our house. Now this dude that lived here before us had smeared some of his own concrete on the concrete deck to "level it out" But due to hot weather and poor workmanship the concrete 'slab" (about an inch thick) started to come loose and water was seeping under it. That moisture wasn't good for our walls so it was 'beybey layer-of-crap'. 



Someday …

And what better way to stay motivated and focussed then with some good music. Now my range of musical taste is quite wide but .. yesterday I was in the mood for some big-band music. And who better to entertain me then … Frank Sinatra ? hmmm.. no .. I went for good old James Darren , Also known as the Deep Space Nine character 'Vic Fontaine'. I love big band music , I mean , Tony Bennet, Frank Sinatra .. it makes me happy when i'm stuck in traffic. So when I first heard James Darren in the episodes of Deep Space Nine I was thrilled.  There he plays the holographic entertainer called "Vic Fontaine " who plays in a 1950 bar somewhere in the Nevada Desert. And the way he sings, how he interacts with the Deep space Nine characters and how his persona is written into the last seasons of this great show stole my heart. So yesterday .. Me and Vic (or James) whatever you prefer, bashed some concrete together while I happily hummed ' I'll be seeing you' , "Fly me to the moon"  and of course .. the way you look tonight .




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