Kc307 : "A Sliders workstation"

Aug 12

We take a deep technical dive into the “sliders workstation” and how you can “do your computer thing” independant of hardware, operating systems and software and slide from OS to OS. We talk about hardware, browser platform, desktop productivity, communications, entertainment and storage and how to do it between all of your different devices. This is the “sliders 101” of cross platform computing.


  • Intro
  • Hardware
  • Operating System
  • Browser platform
    • Applification Software to “applify” Webapps
    • Extentions
    • Office and Wordprocessing
    • Todo :
    • Multimedia
    • Content Consumption
    • Content Creation
    • Communication
      • Desktop
      • Hootsuite (Web based) Twitter-Facebook-Linkedin-GooglePlus
      • Desktop integration
      • Ubuntu : Web content integration
      • Pidgin or Adium
      • IMO
      • Skype
    • Storage
      • Google Drive
      • Dropbox
      • Portable Storage
      • Shared Partitions
      • Central File storage (Samba – NasDrive – SSH mounts)
    • Offline Life ?
      • Gmail Offline Chrome extention
      • Googledrive + Dropbox for offline sync
    • Signoff
  • New Google Voice number for US listeners : (218) 262-9237

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  1. Lloyd Owen

    Hi Knightwise!

    Fantastic show. Really liked it. I guess it was the update to the “Kilroy 2.0 is everywhere” show was it not?

    I had a question regarding something you mentioned towards the end of the show about your storage devices being fat32.

    I use a portable storage device for my media files. It’s a sata to usb2 solution with ext3 file system on it. I figured it made sense to have this device using fat32 so that it could be used on Window$ so I backed up my files and then re-formatted the external drive to fat32.

    Now I can only write to the device as root and I cannot change the file permissions even as root! I’m not too worried. I have a backup and I’ll sort it out in the end. If I don’t then I’ll revert to the way things previously worked when using ext3.

    I’m using usbmount to auto mount usb devices so I’m not doing anything in the /etc/fstab file. My OS is Ubuntu 10.04 LTS.

    Just wondering/curious how you managed to get your portable fat32 devices working on your Ubuntu 12.04 LTS

    Thanks again for a really great show. Hope you are now fully recovered and well. Take it easy,


  2. knightwise

    Hey LLoyd. Well ,that is a bit of a pickle you have there. Did you use Gparted to reformat it ? There are 2 workarounds. You either need to retake ownership : see ‘Chown’ command or just reformat the drive on a different system (that is oblivious to your Linux user structure. Either way should work. Though the second is the simplest.


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