Kwtv302 : "A look at Ubuntu 12.04 Precise Pangolin".

May 11


If you are into linux but Ubuntu’s new user interface has got you puzzled or scared, this episode is for you. We take a look at the latest long term support version of Ubuntu’s latest release : Precise Pangolin. We take a quick look at the anatomy of the Unity interface, how the different parts can work for you and how to customize it to your liking.


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  1. HI – Knightwise,
    Enjoyed your review of ubuntu 12.04…MY jury is still out on the whole thing!!!
    I can’t get sound working!! Only s/pdif is in my sound properties dialog box. That’
    s not for regular computer speakers..
    Why did ubuntu do that? alsamixer is wide open and puvcontrol shows me no way to remove s/pdif and input analog stereo for my speakers.
    Really would appreciate your input/knowledge here.
    Thanks John in Dallas

  2. to ADD:::running win7-64bit in virtual box with mint11/12 ubuntu 11.10 and sound works just fine.

  3. Matt

    Thanks for this episode! I learned some new things.

  4. knightwise

    John : Have you tried popping your question over to the Ubuntu Forums ? You’ll be surprised how quickly you can get an answer there ?

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