“Whats in your bag week” Day 1 : Regravity.

Oct 27

This week we offer you a treat ! Some of the best guestbloggers from the Knightwise.com community (each allstar bloggers, podcasters and content producters) have joined forces to write up a series of articles about “what’s in their bag”. What do they carry around on their geeky roadwarrior adventures. How do they use it and why . We kick off with Tim King. A voice many of you know since he closes up every single Knightwise.com podcast. You have the floor Tim.

MeI’m Tim (Regravity), I’m a media developer for a large organisation in Australia. My work usually includes video / audio development, interactive media creation and UX/UI design.

Most mornings I start off by putting on my flat cap (1.) as I walk out the door of my house and drive to work. Pretty soon after I arrive I plug in my portable hdd (4.) strap on my headphones (6.) and crack open iTunes for some music. My Bendigo Bank (2.) security token is important if I need to pay any bills or transfer money no matter where I go so I usually have it with me.

Data transport can be a difficult issue sometimes so I carry three flash drives (10., 11., 12.) with me just in case I need to grab a file or give something to a co-worker. I also use the microSD card reader (13.) if someone hands me a card from a camera, tablet or phone.

Because I have a Samsung Galaxy S3 (8.) which is getting a little long in the tooth I often have to top up the battery with my phone charger (5.), can’t wait to get an iPhone 6 shortly! I also take with me a small notebook (7.) so I can jot down the crazy ideas I have for technology solutions, short stories (I’m an avid writer) and generally how to solve the problems of the world. 

The male-to-male audio cable (3.) isn’t really a critical piece of gear, but I have it just incase I need to record audio off a weird device like a digital note taker or someones phone.

As I mentioned before I’m a hobby writer, so I like to keep myself well read, hence I bring my Kindle Paperwhite (9.) to work for a quick read during my lunch break. Currently I’m reading the classic cyberpunk novel Neuromancer by William Gibson.

Finally I cram all that into my bag (14.) fairly neatly and I’m good to go!


The list : 

1. Roger David – Teddy Flat Cap


2. Bendigo Bank Security Token


3. Belkin MIXIT Coiled 3.5mm Male-to-Male Audio Cable


4. Seagate FreeAgent GoFlex 500 GB Portable HDD


5. Samsung Portable Charger


6. Sennheiser HD 408 Headphones


7. J.Burrows Pocket Coloured Journal – Black


8. Samsung Galaxy S3


9. Amazon Kindle Paperwhite (Second Gen)


10. Dyna Store 8GB Hook USB 2.0 Flash Drive


11. Lexar JumpDrive 16GB TwistTurn USB Flash Drive


12. Sandisk Cruzer 8GB USB Flash Drive


13. SanDisk MobileMate Duo Card Reader


14. Bells Beach Crossbody Shoulder Bag

Could not find a link.


You can find Tim online over at regravity.com

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