If i have to reach back into my mind and pull up the first memory I have of the Spacemusic podcast, I think I go back as far as Adam Curry’s original Daily Source Code where Adam played a promo for this “ambient and electronic music podcast” that was produced by a guy with a slight Dutch accent. Now, almost 8 years later I am still a loyal listener to this fantastic Podcast. I’ve mentioned TC’s (Thats the producer) new episodes on Twitter many times over, but for those of you who love the sounds of ambient, electronic and even some Trance music : Check out the Spacemusic Podcast. The latest episode features a great mix of uptempo and chilled out music that has even prompted me to buy some albums from the artist. Worth a listen to help kickstart your day / your week or chill down after a busy day. Check out www.spacemusic.nl

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