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Nov 22

We mentioned it in KW701, but now its official : is now a proud member of the Podnutz podcast network. What IS a podcast network ? Easy : It’s a collection of different podcasts around a variety of topics who get together in a network to pool both recourses and audiences to get more listeners and exposure. There are plenty of podcast networks out there, but some of them are of a higher quality and standard then others. That is why we are very proud to announce our affiliation with the Podnutz network. Under the wise hands of Uber-Geek “Doortodoorgeek” this podcast network brings you a collection of a variety of  shows like “Linux for the Rest of Us”, “Android App Addicts”, “My hard drive died” and of course “Podnutz daily”. 

Screen Shot 2013-11-22 at 06.36.58

Omg.. Is anything changing ? 

Nope, for the loyal listeners: Nothing changes. We are staying right where we are. The website isn’t going anywhere and neither are the feeds, the only thing that IS changing is that the Podnutz audience now has a chance to get to now the podcast through their network : So hello new listeners !

Meet the community.

If you want to meet the Podnutz community , head on over to, subscribe to the shows you are interested in and take a look at their forums : There is plenty of geekery afoot.





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