We had a couple of emails this week with the statement that email still works ( I mentioned something like that in the last podcast ) and we can assure you : It does, and it brings us nice surprises sometimes. Like this email from ‘Wiseguy’ @sahgeekdad who took the KW503  to heart and went all the way reviving his little EEEpc.

@sahgeekdad writes : 

Dear Knightwise,

I am writing this in wordgrinder on my dell inspiron mini 9.  I have installed a basic ubuntu 12.04 system with no GUI and I have been able to get wireless networking with wpa working from the command line!!! I have installed twidge and mc and wordgrinder and elinks.  I am planning to install musiconthecommandline as well as write a couple of little scripts to connect to my home network and to my local starbucks’ network.  i am excited to see what i can get done without a GUI.  Per our Voxer chat eariler in the week, I have created a multisystem USB stick so I can boot Knoppix 6 or crunchbang statler if I need a GUI or want to watch a vid.  This little baby just slips into my bag and I can be productive anywhere!  Thanks for all the help and the great tips.  You are the Jedi Master to my Linux Padawan!

Cheers, mate!
Matt (@sahgeekdad

ps – i just gotta get used to this *tiny* keyboard 🙂

pps – i am sending this from alpine, too!



This just makes my sliders heart swell with joy !

If you want to be mentioned in a “Geek of the week” post too ? Tell us how YOU turned one of the articles or episodes into reality, to let technology work for you. 

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