He is strange but he is ours ! "C0d3M°nKY3 – "Co-W@X" – R08 "

Some say he only dreams in Binary, Some say he sleeps between cascading style sheets and has Serial modems for breakfast. Some even say he has a keyboard where we have a head. The only thing we know is : We call him Codemonkey Rob. Yep. Its time to pay hail and tribute for the man behind the scene, the cobol behind the code, the wizard behind the curtain : Codemonkey Rob.

All the cool stuff you see before you , the interactive stuff, the smoothly styled stuff, the nicely trim-lined tables, the evenly spaced out characters and not forgetting the rock solid 9500 hits –  a – day – withstanding without even flinching bad – ass open source content management technology … its all this dudes work. 

Now we might be technocrats, cyber-citizens. We might dance on the pinnacle of the next big thing in technology and take our legendary writing skills to praise the gospel to the masses.. Whenever we are in need , this dude is there. Where our flamboyant literary skills fall short .. where our graphical delusions of what the site should look like far overstep the bounds of our graphical coding abilities. Where the demand we place on the content of the website leans closer towards alchemy then towards computer science. And every single time we come running , our fingers covered in the sticky paste of yet another big web-based-frack-up, screaming his name .. ROB ! I made a Booboo .. THAT is when he is there.

The man behind the Magic.

He looks at us , as Merlin must have looked at King Arthur's stable boys with a look of utter supremacy. His mind purring gently as he is recalculating the letter PI up to the 365th digit, without a calculator and just for fun. As we pour out the very root directory of our heart to him and beg the Almighty Rob for yet another miracle, the only thing he does is smile.  His eyes take on this gleam.. this gaze .. If you look real close you see the naked php code dancing behind them. For what feels like an eternity but is only a nanosecond .. he hesitates. … “ No problem “ he then proclaims matter-of-factly .. “will be right done. Peace a cake”  And shortly afterwards the miracle is done. With a speed an accuracy that puts Gods little seven-day science project to shame , Codemonkey Rob conjures up another impossibility. So let me take a minute to sacrifice a symbolical hard drive in his honor and say on Behalf of everyone at Knightwise.com : Thank you Code-monkey rob !

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