I’m not a big self help guy, but a little bit of lifehacking never hurt anyone. In this fast pacing world of technology it is sometimes not a bad idea to sit back and chill out just for a while. But that is easier said then done. You always have some distraction waiting for your attention, there is always that one website that you still have to check.  So how about some ‘help’ in calming down ? 

‘Calm’ for IOS helps you do just that. The app gives you the choice between the length of the relaxation session you want to have, and gradually builds that time up, the more times you use it. This helps you to go from a 2 minute meditation session way up to even a 20 minute chill session.  It comes with soothing sounds (a brook, a rainshower) and a silky feminine voice that tells you to KEEP CALM NOW !!!  Forget the “Keep Calm and … ” posters .. just “Keep Calm with Calm”. The application is free in the IOS Store but also has a ‘slider friendly’ counterpart on their website calm.com that you can access from any browser.

Calm.com is available in the iTunes store or from their website at calm.com

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