12 minutes of Awesome Dutch Scifi

A Dutch short scifi movie featured in Amsterdam about a boy and a girl. Are you asleep yet ? Sounds unimpressive .. doesn’t it. However the folks from “Tears of Steel” turned it into 12 minutes of awesomeness. Lets call it a passionate lovescene between Ridley Scott in Bladerunner, Minority report and The Matrix.  Just watch .. just … watch ….

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The leap. One small step for Hand. One giant Leap for Handkind.

There are moments in your life where you stop whatever you are doing and think : ” I saw this in a scifi Movie once ! “. The great thing about living in our day and age is that technology is evolving so fast, fiction becomes fact in the average lifespan of a teen boysband. In my life i’ve had several of these moments. My first cellphone ( Beam me up Scotty ) My iPad ( Previously laying around on Picards Desk ) and my Microsoft Kinect, which strangely reminded me from that awesome scene from Minority report.  When it comes to the evolution of interacting with machines this very scene was a visionary moment in what things to come would (and wanted) to look like. Swiping and gestures on tablets, playing games with the Kinect … somehow we all started to feel like Tom Cruise … only .. about a feet taller.

If the “Leap” is what it is promising to be .. that very scene in Minority report is becoming the 8 bit prototype of what the “Leap” can do. A way to visually interact with your computer  using your hands, fingers and even a pin. Accurate to the point where you can sign documents in the air, responsive enough to use in a first person shooter. I’m not sure about you, but the atrophied muscles in my arms are going to have a serious workout if I will need to swing them around this much. I’ll better hit the gym before this invention hits the store next winter.

Oh , by the way : At a target price of 70 dollars .. you can even procrastinate saving up for it  before pre-ordering it on their website.

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