Myo : Bring on the smart bracelet and control your digital world.

Feb 28

In the category “Shut up and take my money” friend of the show Konrad sent us a great new product that we can pre-order if we have some cash to spare. The MYO can be considered the lovechild between the Microsoft Kinect (but without any optics) and a Nintento Wiimote. This “Smart Bracelet” uses the power of gyroscopic sensors with muscle movements to ” See what you mean”.  Just like the “Leap” we talked about on a previous post, the Myo offers another deadly nail to the coffin of mice and touchpads all over the world and is heralding the coming of a new age where a we will interface with technology in a way that is dramatically different from today.

Whether or not this is vapor-ware still needs to be proven. The site is taking pre-orders and at 149 dollars its a risk some of you might be willing to take. If the Mo ever gets massed produced depends on the way developers will react to this. Unlike Google with Google Glass , this company does not have a multi million dollar budget or hords of drooling staggering developer-zombies on its payroll. But it all .. it looks amazing.

Aside from the fact that you will look a little awkward waving your hands and arms around to make a point. Some people might mistake you for a Sith lord and await lightning bolts to fire from the fingertips of your outstretched hands, Others might see you as the next leader of the “third reich” as you swing your rightarm upward to control that military jeep. Although I can see the possibilities here, I’m also very worried that you might delete the textfile you have been working on for hours because you scratched your head with the wrong hand.  

But no matter if it makes you look as a megalomaniac super villain who is suffering from an epilepsy attack in the middle of the street .. I want this ! 

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The leap. One small step for Hand. One giant Leap for Handkind.

May 25

There are moments in your life where you stop whatever you are doing and think : ” I saw this in a scifi Movie once ! “. The great thing about living in our day and age is that technology is evolving so fast, fiction becomes fact in the average lifespan of a teen boysband. In my life i’ve had several of these moments. My first cellphone ( Beam me up Scotty ) My iPad ( Previously laying around on Picards Desk ) and my Microsoft Kinect, which strangely reminded me from that awesome scene from Minority report.  When it comes to the evolution of interacting with machines this very scene was a visionary moment in what things to come would (and wanted) to look like. Swiping and gestures on tablets, playing games with the Kinect … somehow we all started to feel like Tom Cruise … only .. about a feet taller.

If the “Leap” is what it is promising to be .. that very scene in Minority report is becoming the 8 bit prototype of what the “Leap” can do. A way to visually interact with your computer  using your hands, fingers and even a pin. Accurate to the point where you can sign documents in the air, responsive enough to use in a first person shooter. I’m not sure about you, but the atrophied muscles in my arms are going to have a serious workout if I will need to swing them around this much. I’ll better hit the gym before this invention hits the store next winter.

Oh , by the way : At a target price of 70 dollars .. you can even procrastinate saving up for it  before pre-ordering it on their website.

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