Find out who is behind that IP with a simple command (on Linux or Osx)

Jan 25

Time for some command line tomfoolery today. Ever wanted to know who was behind a certain IP address ? Getting spammy comments on your blog, or want to find out the name of the co-worker that is scanning your ports. You can of course hunt them down using but … maybe you just want to know the hostname of the machine ?  That will tell you a lot… so lets try DIG.

Using dig +short -x
and you will see the DNS name of the system
in question.

Happy digging !

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kw408 : Cross platform IP-TV with WEEPEE.TV

Dec 26

We close of the year (and season 4 of with the video coverage we shot at the “Softlaunch” event of Belgians first ‘Internet only’ TV-Content provider : You Cable-Cutters can watch and learn what it is, how to get it, how it works and what other geeks might think of it. Will this be the death of classic television for geeks or just a fab ? Find out in KW408.


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