Congratulations on the Baby !

May 12


And then there was another talent scout born !  

There are more people working behind the scene over at than one might initially expect. For those of you who have been listening to the Knightcast podcast for a while know that we even have our very own (well.. not ours alone) talent scout !  DaInfaMousJinx is a Dallas Dj roaming the Gothic scene organising gigs, looking for bands to promote and is basicaly spilling his creative vibe all over. DaInFaMousJinx (or Jinx as we call him for shorred) had dropped of the face of the earth the last few weeks. We thought something was amiss but nothing was farther from the truth. Jinx had just become a dad. So we take this little moment to congratulate Jinx and His lovely wife Alleycat on the birth of "Robert John-Coltrane Scarbrough" (or Cole for short). The whole gang is doing fine and its time to put our talent scout (and his wife who gets to do his stuff when he's to busy) in the spotlight. Congrats to the happy family. Be sure to check out Jinx's MYSPACE site for tons of info on the Dallas Gothic scene.

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