Oh how the might have fallen. There used to be a time when RIM was the mighty king of the smartphone land , gazing out over the rolling hills filled with scores of wild yuppies and wandering herds of lone businessmen. From the savannah of wallstreet to the deserts of the White House …Blackberries where everywhere.

Skulking at the fringes of this mighty kingdom the vultures were patiently biding their time. Picking off the occasional nerd with a budget, Palm, Compaq and Nokia tried to sell of their barely functional expensive gizmo’s without ever making a dent in Blackberries market.

Just a couple of years later the times have changed. Nokia is crawling out of its very own mid-life crisis, Microsoft is building its marketshare and Apple wades deep into denial as the stockprice says that its downhill from here. Samsung and Htc ride the green android across the wasteland as, far off in the distance .. The lion roars one last time.

In a desperate attempt to stay relevant Rim reveals Blackberry 10. But the question is : is it still relevant ? Check out this ten minute review on whats coming down for the Crackberry junkies.

So what do you think of RIM’s future ? Is Blackberry making the great comeback or not ? Tell us in the comments section.

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