Who is in motion ? the traveler or the destination.

Mar 25

well , those of you who visit this blog through www.knightwise.com : Welcome 🙂 As you can see the contents of the blog are now 'parsed' onto the main website. Unfortunately the pictures are not working yet 🙁 Some bizarre reason is the source of this. Sometimes it works other times it does not.. ) I presume the reason is that the pictures are stored on hello.com and they do not allow hot linking. Back to the drawing board i guess. At least we've made some headway.

Yesterday was a nice day at school. Although I was preparing myself for utter despair because of the big 'task' we have to do, it all turned out pretty fine. Me and the Swifter crunched the numbers and got part of the job done in a jiffy. Especially using my Ibook to connect to the routers over TELNET (and thus using my 'unix-terminal' in OSX was way cool) Just sitting there with my little white precious made me feel like i was lightyears ahead of the rest in matters of techno gizzmo's. Despair wil probably strike next week as we fall back when the going gets tough.

But then there is always my other white buddy to keep me company. Its amazing how much I have dragged my Ipod around these last few months. Constantly listening to music, podcasts, even ocean sounds.. Anything to surround me with the protective bubble of sounds. Within that bubble I live in a small world of my own.. where Slashdot headlines or daily source codes make up the news and events instead of the radio news. Within that bubble I look at the world around me with my own soundtrack of life playing on the background. Strange how music makes you look differently ath the things around you .. and how it changes your mood. … Yesterday… Headphones on.. Ambient Cafe del Mar tunes buzzing away on the background and just looking at the people around me. Thoughts, emotions, memories, impressions.. everything soothed by the gentle ambient tones.. As I crawl up in the protective ball of my own thoughts .. my Ipod generates a musical force field around me… And then I find my true peace.

And at that “mare tranquilatis” the waves of my emotions gently stroke the banks of my mind.. the urge to write comes as wel. Its fascinating how I have become accustomed to this blog. How I like writing down my thoughts and impressions .. How I feel the urge to be creative and express mysellf. Its like its bubbling inside of me and all I can do is let the words, thoughts and sounds flow out. As the dawn shoves the gentle mist over the rolling hills.. my steel chariot pierces the void around me. Hurling towards my next destination.. and but a speck on the radar of eternity.. I feel that these last few months have been good to me. Shure I don't like being away from home so much and I do wish I could settle down more. But then again.. this is who I am .. A hedon. Always on the run. Always the traveler. Perpetual mobility in a flowing universe. My thoughts and feelings only emerge like shy shadows when the people are gone and there is no one around. The come sit on my shoulder and whisper themselves in my ear. And as my momentum carries me over the sandy desert of time.. I sometimes wonder what the reality is ? Am i moving over the gentle slope of the planet.. Or is life rushing me by as I stand still on the sidelines. Wondrous is the silence that lets one ponder these questions…

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