When Easter comes.

Mar 28

When Easter comes.

Yep , Easter weekend has come and gone and has left me with a craving for more time at home. After solving a rather complicated problem at a clients home Saturday morning we went out for a lovely walk in the town of Hasselt. Browsing through the high street made us realize just how much we feel at home in this province capital. Afterwards we lingered around in the city park and went for a sit in one of the swings there :). Just sitting in the sun.. feeling at home in a town where no one knows your name. That’s just about the greatest place I could call my home. I sometimes astound myself at how this country boy has swapped his small town where everybody knows everything about everyone for an urban lifestyle. But it went like a charm. Sunday we lounged out and watched some tv, went to my parents place, chatted with my mother who was home for the afternoon and made a bee-line for my aunts place. Once again I came to the wonderful conclusion that I am indeed a commodity in the family. The slightest techno-problem is reason enough to call me. But when major things happen in our family .. There is absolutely no reason to call me . I'm really getting fed up with that ! I not only FEEL like a commodity.. I AM a commodity. A 'service', a "help desk". And then people wonder why we crawl back in our protective social bubble in that far away place Hasselt ? Well my dears : It isn't even far enough away from all my roots ! As Babylon drifts apart I feel myself breaking free from the ropes that tie me down in that place.. And i am not too sorry.. But enough about that. Time is so sparse these day's I haven't had time to meet up with some old friends and I do hope we will be able to change this soon. In the back of my head the plans for our marriage are silently brooding.. Unable to seed due to the fact that the social soil is shifting and sanding. Our plans range from an intimate party .. to a mid sized reception-thing. My own family is gambling away their places on the guest list and the social minefield that is brooding because of that is something I do not want to wade through. I run for my Island of peace. Where world events come in over digital lines.. Where RSS feeds never fail to let me know when something changes. Where conversation is digital and where skype chimes in the friendly words from afar. Where cappuccino brings peace and her soothing hands run over the small of my back. Where a purring cat luls me to sleep and the gentle hum of an Ibook breaks the silence of my thoughts. Where a web cam spreads and brings smiles of joy and where Babylon is but a far away place in a troublesome dream. Posted by Hello

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