The letters of life

Mar 04

The letters of life.

Wonderful day today. Sometimes you need to take a day of and just let stuff be stuff. Well I'm not THAT relaxed cause i have a lot to do today. But still , its a welcome break from daily affairs. With all the 'march-ial law' that is in effect these day's I am very aware how I spend my time. I'm trying to divide every thing in what i MUST do , what i SHOULD do and what I CAN do. And so far its enlightening to see how it helps to get my priorities straight. But enough about that. I've also decided there must be time in my life to work and to play. So when I have do work I work. And when I sit down for a cup of tea , I relax. So I'm sitting here right now in the cutest Irish bar in all of Hasselt enjoying an Irish bacon sandwich, an ear grey and some blissful Irish music. Soon it will be rush rush again but for now I'm just giving myself the luxury of pure relaxation. Life is so much prettier when one stops and looks at the world once in a while. More and more I find myself writing down my own thoughts in Emails, Blogs and so on. I'm writing quite a lot these days and thats probably because of the whole stuff that is taking place up at “Babylon”. Writing and reflecting on my life these days helps me to stay focused and prevents me from pondering things over and over in my thoughts. What else is true , is that i like to write. Been doing it since I was a kid , so its kinda 'my thing'. But i'm babbling. This morning I got an Email from one of my few few friends who writes me from time to time. She's someone i met only recently but we have a close bond. Somehow she's one of the only friends I can talk to about what is going on in my life. She's one of the few friends whose emails i look forward to and , to who i like sending a letter aswell. When i flip trough my inbox its mostly 'business stuff' superficial, practical emails from friends and colleagues. And then there is the occasional Emails that you want to print out on old parchment and file somewhere in a wooden box. As technocratic as I am , I still cherish the feel of real paper sometimes. Although it is becoming an antique in my collection , i still have some hand written letters sent to me by friends and girlfriends from a long time ago. It must have been ages since i wrote a 'real letter' and i petty the addressee who would have to decipher my horrible handwriting these days. So somehow its for the best that a keyboard is at my disposal from time to time. Reading this post back I see I'm on an uncharted target-less ramble about all kinds of everything. But that .. is sometimes nice to do as well. So my dear readers (i'm still wondering who all of you are) When was the last time you got a handwritten paper letter ? And when is the last time you sent one ? Times go fast dear friends. Sometimes we should hold the seconds in our hands and read the feeble moments with the concentration and the patience of reading a handwritten letter. If somehow we can find and feel the true passion of life and the preciousness of every moment , in the same way that a real letter is written.. then we might capture the beauty of being alive. Think about every second in your life. Its like writing a letter. You have to be careful not to make a mistake because there is no backspace key. You have to be clear and careful in the way you write things down because otherwise others might not be able to read what you mean. And real life follows that analogy. We have to be prudent in not only what we do.. but also how we do it. And sometimes others read different things then the words we wanted to write down in the book of life. Analogy's are everywhere…. One more i fold the page of the day and perfume it with the sent of life. I gently tuck it in the envelope of my memory's and move on to the next blank page ahead. So is life my friends… so is life.

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