Snowscapes freeze my toughts…

Mar 03

Snow falls down, gentle white feathers of frozen dreams. My thoughts grow wings and dance trough them on warm and gentle wings. I look over the frozen world and my mind grabs hold of the deafening silence. I can sit here for hours and let my soul grasp the peace of the white curtain of the fallen tears of the sky. I wish i could wade trough lost and forgotten snows capes and let them grab hold of my worries and slumber them underneath the white blanket of peace. I do not feel like speaking of earthly things today. In a minds eye i see rows of silent sentinels watching the white plain. They salute their swords from afar as i walk trough their unwavering line of sight. I tilt my shield toward them in silent salute and am left alone with only my thoughts in the shadow of solitude. For hours i walk trough the snowcapped woods. Not a single soul to cross my path. No colorful voice to break the virgin white. A single but heartfelt smile settles beneath my icy nose and my eyes gleam with stars of hidden happiness. Only a single lonely hedon dares to break the clouded sky and i watch it intently as it crosses the heavens. As the floating feathers of ice cover my cloak… so do they cover my worries.

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