Kc240 : "Cycles and Stories".

Jul 23

For show 40 we take a break from the high-tech content we’ve focused on the last few episodes and take a little “interlude”. In light of tradition this is going to be another soundseeing tour where I take you along on my bike. We drive through the region where I live and listen to the birds chime as I tell you what i’m looking at. This time its your IMAGINATION that is going to work for you as you can close your eyes , lean back and hear me tell stories about NO-tech cycling adventures and some impressions of the beautiful Belgian countryside.


  • Intro
  • A different show today.
  • The abandoned schoolhouse. (Google Maps)
  • Music : Mutiny on the Bounty, Vangelis (Youtube)
  • A little dirt road.
  • Packing up Hay, Inferno in the City.
  • Summer 17 by Ed Frank. 1990 (Wikipedia)
  • The first travels to France.
  • Music : Kyrie, Mister Mister (Youtube)
  • The trip to Basel, Cycling in the Rain.
  • Music : The Waterboys : Whole of the moon (Youtube)
  • Travels in Ireland. (Pictures)
  • Signoff
  • Music : Forever young, Alphaville (Youtube)
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