Kc239 : Live show recording. : "Free the Ipad".

Jul 15

For everybody who missed the Live show yesterday we have consolidation price. As KC0039 ‘Free the Ipad’ is lying on the editing table , ready to be cut down into little pieces and shipped down the RSS feed to your MP3 player, we have already posted the Live Show on www.knightwise.com. So enjoy this 2 hour long Live recording with lots of cool guyz in the chatroom. Not only do we SHOW you the Ipad in action, you’ll also see some guest appearances from Scotty or dog AND Kira our cat. Enjoy the live show featuring Dogs, Cats, Guests, Cola, Burps, Transformers … And setting free the Ipad.

IPAD users can watch the NON flash player version of the show HERE : http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/8272349

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